3º Workshop do Programa de Doutoramento em Informática

Qua, 23 maio 2018, 09:00 - 17:00
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09h30 Welcome

Prof. Nuno Correia, PDINF Coordinator

Prof. Luís Caires, DI Head of Department

Prof. Fernando Santana, FCT NOVA Director

10h00 Keynote talk

“The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes”

Darius Blasband, CEO Raincode

Bio: Darius Blasband has a Master's degree and a PhD from the Université Libre De Bruxelles. His interests cover all aspects of programming language processing, including compilation, reverse engineering, parsing technologies, types systems and optimizations. He is the founder and CEO of RainCode (www.raincode.com), which offers products and services for the legacy modernization market. He is the main designer and implementer of its core technology, being also responsible for strategic alliances.

Abstract: Software recipes are meant to implement transitive intelligence: they are well- structured and well-documented fragments of good practices that can be transferred and used by less experienced people to achieve something otherwise taking years to master. Recipes have seen many successful applications from healthcare to cooking, from piloting an aircraft to identifying an insect. However, they hopelessly fail when applied to software engineering. All software development processes defined so far, from waterfall to agile, from formal methods to rapid prototyping, are based on dogmas and drowned in folklore. In this talk, Darius Blasband will elaborate on downsides of current software engineering practices and reflect on the current state of software engineering as an industry.

11h00 Coffee break

11h20 Research talks

Ankica Barišić - “Usability Evaluation of Domain-Specific Languages”

Filipe Freitas - “Characterizing and enforcing consistency of online services”

12h00 Guest talk

“Recent Research in Information Retrieval and Text Mining”

Jamie Callan, Professor, Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science

Bio: Jamie Callan is a Professor at the Language Technologies Institute, a graduate department in Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. His research and teaching focus on text-based information retrieval and analysis.  His recent work develops advanced search engine architectures, architectures for large-scale distributed search, adaptive information filtering, and text mining/analytics.

Abstract: In spite of the visible success of web search portals such as Google, text-based search remains remains a difficult task with many unsolved problems. This talk gives an overview of recent research at Carnegie Mellon to improve the efficiency and accuracy of text search engines. It describes our recent work on using knowledge-based resources to inject new information into search; neural information retrieval architectures to overcome vocabulary mismatch problems; and distributed search techniques to improve the efficiency of large-scale search. It also describes our recent work on analyzing social media streams to understand citizen attitudes about fine-grained topics related to their cities and local governments.

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Panel on Artificial Intelligence

João Leite (FCT-UNL)

Luís Correia (FC-UL)

Arlindo Oliveira (IST-UL)

Nuno Boavida (FCSH-UNL)

15h30 Coffee break

16h00 Flash talks: (very) short presentations

Pedro Rocha - “Session Types for Nondeterminism”

David Semedo - “Dynamic Cross-Media for Social Media”

Ivo Anjos - “Serious Games for Sibilant Sounds”

Pedro Albuquerque Santos - “Enabling the Development of Pervasive Multi-Device Applications”

António Teófilo - “WiFi-Direct Internetworking”

João Silva - “A Data Storage Service for Mobile Edge Environments”

Gustavo Gonçalves - “Subtopic Discovery On Social Media Data Streams”

Luís Carvalho - “Typing the Evolution of Variational Software”

Guilherme Borges - “Boolean Isolated Searchable Encryption”

Raquel Macedo - “Paralympic VR Game: Immersive Game using

Virtual Reality Technology”

Pedro Fouto - "Pratical and Fast Causal Consistent Partial Geo-Replication"

Joana Pereira - “Gamification System for the SmartLab

Gonçalo Marcelino - "Finding Newsworthy Social Media Content"

17h00 Closing