1º Workshop do Programa de Doutoramento em Informática

Sab, 21 maio 2016, 09:00 - 17:00
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Program (pdf)

May 21 ­ Thursday

14h00 - Opening

14h30 - Research Talks 1

  • Dependent Information Flow Types — Maria Luísa Sobreira Gouveia Lourenço
  • Designing CRDTs that do Computations — David Precatado Navalho
  • Enhancing automated generation of procedural levels for platform videogames — Fausto José da Silva Valentim Mourato
  • Machine Ethics via Logic Programming — Ari Saptawijaya

15h30 - Coffee break

16h00 - Flash Talks ­ (Very) short presentations

  • Ankica Barisic, André Sabino, Carlos Gonçalves, Miguel Domingues, Sinan Egilmez, Bernardo Ferreira, Ana Catarina Almeida, Bruno Silva, Valter Sousa, Filipe Militão, João Moura, Luís Gomes, Cédric Grueau, Daniel Porto, Tiago Santos, Pedro Centieiro, Ricardo Silva, Fernando Wanderley, Tiago Vale.

May 22 ­ Friday

10h00 - Welcome

Fernando Santana, FCT UNL Director

10h30 -  Keynote Talk

Manuel Hermenegildo, IMDEA Software Institute and Technical U. of Madrid

Energy Consumption Verification and other research lines at the IMDEA Software Institute

Energy consumption and the environmental impact of computing have become a major worldwide concern. It has become a crucial issue from high­performance computing and data centers down to systems which have to operate on batteries, such as implantable/portable medical devices or mobile phones. In parallel with advances in power­efficient hardware, significant additional energy savings can be achieved by making energy awareness an integral part of software development. We present our static analysis­based approach to this problem, and a tool based on this approach which can be used to integrate compile­time energy usage verification and optimization into the program development process. This research is carried out at the IMDEA Software Institute, a member of a new generation of research centers in the Madrid region. We will provide an overview of the other research lines of the Institute, as well as some comments on its genesis.

11h20 -  Coffee break

11h45 - Research Talks 2

  • Transactions and (complex) Events — Ana Sofia Gomes
  • Scaling in-memory DBs on multicores  — João Paulo da Conceição Soares
  • Space and Time Efficient Data Structures for Supporting Machine Translation Tasks  — Jorge André Nogueira Costa
  • Session-based Concurrent Programming: Functions, Concurrency and Monads  — Bernardo Parente Coutinho Fernandes Toninho

12h45 - Closing remarks