The following list includes all students currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Computer Science at NOVA. 

You can find a list of our alumni here.

  • Adriaan Ewald N. Leijnse, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Albert Van Der Linde, Cloud-Edge Hybrid Applications, Supervisor: João Leitão, Co-Supervisor: Nuno Preguiça
  • Alexandre António de Carvalho, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • André dos Reis Martins Rijo, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: Carla Ferreira
  • António Paulo Gomes dos Santos, Sentiment Analysis, Supervisor: Nuno Marques
  • Bruno Alexandre Meirinhos Preto, Adaptive Image Processing Targeting Heterogeneous Architectures, Supervisor: Pedro Medeiros
  • Carla Luisa de Oliveira Viegas, Multimodal Analysis of Motor Speech Disorders Using Machine Learning, Supervisor: João Magalhães, Co-Supervisor: Alex Hauptmann
  • Cedric Claude Bernard Grueau, Domain Specific Modeling Language for Agent-Based Simulations in Land Use Sciences, Supervisor: João Araújo Júnior
  • Cristiano De Faveri, Deception-Based Adaptive Architectures For Cyber Security, Supervisor: Ana Moreira
  • Danillo Ricardo Celino, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Darliane Goes de Miranda, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • David Fernandes Semedo, Dynamic Cross-Media for Social-Stories Illustration, Supervisor: João Magalhães
  • David Precatado Navalho, CommonSense: Decentralized Participatory Sensing, Supervisor: Nuno Preguiça, Co-Orientador: Sérgio Duarte
  • Eduardo Miguel Pereira do Cano Rico Geraldo, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: João Costa Seco
  • Elias Adriano Nogueira da Silva, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: Ana Moreira 
  • Erfan Veisi, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Fernando José Araújo Wanderley, A Cognitive and User-Centered Requirements Engineering Framework, Supervisor: João Araújo
  • Francisco Pedro Ramos Pinto, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Gonçalo Onofre Piedade, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Guilherme Rosas Borges, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: João Leitão
  • Gustavo dos Santos Parra Gonçalves, Towards an Entity-Driven Search, Supervisor: João Magalhães
  • Hugo Alexandre Espada dos Santos, Self-reflexive learning algorithms in financial markets, Supervisor: Nuno Marques
  • Hugo Miguel Macieira Simão Taborda, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Ivo Filipe Pinho dos Anjos, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: Sofia Cavaco
  • João André Almeida e Silva, Storage Without Infrastructure - Crowdsourcing Mobile Devices to Provide Storage in Edge-Clouds, Supervisor: Hervé Paulino, Co-Supervisor: João Lourenço
  • João Guerra Martins, Verification of epistemic cyberphysical systems, Supervisor: João Leite, Co-Supervisor : André Platzer (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Luis Afonso Correia Soares da Silva Carvalho, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: João Costa Seco
  • Luís Miguel Cardoso Lourenço, Typed Intermediate Languages for Concurrent Systems, Supervisor: João Costa Seco
  • Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos, Exploiting Implicit Parallelism by Program Transformations in a Pure Functional Language, Supervisor: Hervé Paulino
  • Norberto Luís de Jesus Albino, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Nuno António Afonso Cunha de Oliveira, A Heterogeneous Runtime Environment for Scientific Desktop Computing, Supervisor: Pedro Medeiros
  • Paulo Jorge Lago da Silva Quaresma, Tomo-GPU: A problem Solving Environment for tomographic data analysis, Supervisor: Pedro Medeiros
  • Pedro Ákos Horváth Filipe da Costa, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: João Leitão
  • Pedro Emanuel Albuquerque e Batista dos Santos, Development Framework for Multimodal Applications, Supervisor : Nuno Correia
  • Pedro Filipe Veiga Fouto, Topic to be defined, Supervisor: João Leitão
  • Pedro Manuel Sabino Rocha, Linearity and Concurrent Processes, Supervisor : Luís Caires
  • Rui Filipe Dos Santos Rodrigues, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Sérgio Filipe Martins Casca, Topic to be defined, Supervisor to be defined
  • Sinan Egilmez, Social Abstract Argumentation, Supervisor : João Leite