Computer Science and Engineering at NOVA

Advanced Education in Computer Science and Informatics since 1975 ...

Integrated Master in Computer Science and Informatics 

[ 1.º Cycle "BSc in Computer Science and Informatics" ]

Portuguese national Competition, requires one of the following sets:

(19 Mathematics A) OR

(02 Biology e Geology, 19 Mathematics A) OU

(07 Physics and Chemistry, 19 Mathematics A)

Grading: 95 points in application grade and admission examination

Open slots: 175 (See aditional info in DGES web site)

More information about your application.

Applications to the 2nd cycle of MIEI (last 2 years):

Admission Requirements: BSc in Computer Science, or equivalent (see).

Call deadline: July 14th: Submit your application online.


Master in Analysis and Engineering of Big Data

Open slots: 25

1st phase: 1st May to 15th June 2020

2nd phase: 1st May to 16th July 2020. Submit your application online.

More information about your application.


Doctoral Program (PhD in Computer Science)

3th Cycle PhD in Computer Science

Admission Requirements: MSc in Computer Science (Bologna style), 4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or equivalent

Open slots: 15

1st phase: 24th April to 17th July 2020.


International Partnership Programs

European Master in Computational Logic

Dual PhD in Computer Science (Carnegie Mellon | Portugal)

Call deadline: December 10th

PhD in Digital Media (withUT Austin)

Call deadline: July 17th