Dual Degree PhD Program in Computer Science


Dual Degree PhD Program in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science (SCS) is one of the world's premier institutions for computer science research and education.


Collaborative Framework

The Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Dual Degree PhD program in Computer Science / Informatics is driven by the following main objectives:

  • Promote the education of high-quality researchers, instructors, and innovation agents in Computer Science
  • Offer a specialization based on a broad knowledge in Computer Science/Informatics
  • Support collaborative research between CSD/Carnegie Mellon and the Portuguese Institution
  • Enforce rigorous quality control and assessment procedures 

The CSD at Carnegie Mellon and the Portuguese Institution shall be equal partners in the education of the doctoral student. All students are held to the highest scientific standards and must satisfy all requirements of both the renowned CSD/Carnegie Mellon PhD in Computer Science and of the DI FCT UNL PhD Program in Computer Science. The expected duration of the program is expected to be around five years of full time work. Find more about the students enrolled in the program ...

Program Structure

The Dual Degree Program is based on a matching of requirements of both the Carnegie Mellon and UNL PhD Programs. Each student will be co-advised by a CSD/Carnegie Mellon faculty member and a faculty member of the Portuguese Institution.

The student is expected to spend a first period of two years at CSD/Carnegie Mellon. In this period, the student shall take star courses (as specified by Carnegie Mellon/CSD regulations) and start working on research. Arrangements will be made for the Portuguese co-advisor (e.g., from DI FCT UNL) to visit CSD/Carnegie Mellon during the period in which the student is based at Carnegie Mellon.

The second period, whose duration is to be determined by the co-advisors but is expected to last typically three years, will be hosted by the FCT UNL, where the student is expected to continue with the research work. The research work will take place in the context of collaborative research activities betweem DI FCT UNL and Carnegie Mellon.

The remaining time until completion of the thesis shall be divided between research stays at CSD/Carnegie Mellon and the Portuguese Institution. The schedule should be flexible to fit the needs of the doctoral research project.

By the end of the third or the fourth year the student must present the thesis proposal formally at CSD/Carnegie Mellon or at FCT UNL. The Portuguese co-advisor should attend the oral presentation and discussion of the Thesis Proposal at CSD/Carnegie Mellon or via videoconference.

The public oral thesis defense will take place either at Carnegie Mellon or at the Portuguese Institution, according to the rules of the CSD PhD program. The thesis evaluation committee must include both the Carnegie Mellon and the Portuguese co-advisors, members of the advisory committee, and external reviewers.

OPEN Applications at CMU web site

Interested candidates must submit the application elements directly to the Carnegie-Mellon Department of Computer Science mentioning the program "Ph.D. in Computer Science/Dual Degree Portugal", and referring the FCT UNL PhD in Computer Science as matching program in their letter of intent, if this is their preference.

All information about the application package, and access to the application site may be found at the URL:


Important Note: You should make sure that your TOEFL and GRE scores will arrive to Carnegie Mellon as soon as possible. Please notince that as the selection process is very competitive, candidates with incomplete applications may not be considered.