The Department of Computer Science is a pioneer institution in advanced education and research in Computer Science in Portugal, and has already graduated thousands of informatics engineers and computer scientists. We currently host around 800 students enrolled in various programs and courses.

Several of our academic staff are associated to the development of computer science and IT in Portugal, for instance, in the first national connection to the Internet in the 80s, in the graduation of the first PhD degrees, and in the development and consolidation of research and innovation in informatics and computer science.

The Department research unit NOVA LINCS is involved in many international and national projects and collaborations, several with companies and other knowledge users. NOVA LINCS hosts about 50 researchers and 70 PhD students, and was awarded the grade of EXCELLENT in the most recent FCT/MEC national evaluation exercise.

Our undergraduate educational offer currently focus on the Integrated Master in Computer Science and Engineering (MIEI), a 3+2 year integrated program (shaped after the Bologna model and the FCT UNL Curricular profile) and the PhD Program in Computer Science. Our programs offer to the students several opportunities to get engaged in credited external activities through partnerships established with many companies and institutions. We also participate in several graduate programs in international collaborations with European and US universities.

The quality of our educational programs is widely recognized by the most important and demanding recruiters and employers in the areas of science and information technology, and we have been mentioned several times as one of the first choices for the recruitment of qualified Engineers IT by companies recruiting staff in Portugal.

According to recent statistics the employability rate of our graduates exceeds 99%.