Doctoral Program in Computer Science

Hosted at the Computer Science Department and its Research Centre NOVA LINCS, the Doctoral Program in Computer Science is a 3rd cycle post-graduation program aimed at training researchers, lecturers, and leaders in innovation, in both fundamental and applied Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

The skills and training acquired during the program will leverage our graduates' professional opportunities when seeking jobs and pursuing careers in research and development units associated with public and private institutions, leading technology companies, and in higher education.

The Doctoral Program in Computer Science typically lasts four years, the first being dedicated to preparatory studies, and the remaining three to advanced research leading to the writing and submission of a Doctoral Thesis.

Research activities are aligned with research projects conducted within NOVA LINCS, the Computer Science Department’s research centre, characterised by a vibrant international atmosphere with regular seminars by leading researchers, and close ties with other international PhD Programs, for example, CMU Dual Degree in Computer Science, PhD Program in Digital Media with UT Austin, and European PhD Program in Computational Logic.

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Scientific Committee

Prof. Doctor Nuno Correia (coordinator) (nmc@fct.unl.pt)
Prof. Doctor João Leite
Prof. Doctor João Lourenço
Prof. Doctor Ana Moreira


Susana Pereira (susana.pereira@fct.unl.pt)
T: +351 212 948 536