The Master's program lasts two academic years, the first year being devoted to the pedagogical component and the second year exclusively dedicated to the dissertation. The first semester consists of five compulsory Curricular Units designed to create a common basic formation for students from different backgrounds. The second semester includes two compulsory UCs (Seminar and Entrepreneurship) and four options chosen by the student from among a block of UCs that will define their specialization profile (one of them can be chosen from a block offered by the different department of FCT NOVA). More information can be obtained at the course website.


1st Semester

2nd Semester

  • Entrepeneurship (3 ECTS, EG)
  • Seminar (3 ECTS, INF/MAT)
  • Specialization Tier (6 ECTS, INF)
  • Specialization Tier (6 ECTS, MAT)
  • Specialization Tier (6 ECTS, INF/MAT)
  • Free Tier (6 ECTS, QQ)

3rd/4rt Semester

  • Master Thesis Development (60 ECTS, INF)

Specialization Tier