12 Doctoral degrees by DI/NOVA LINCS in 2017


The number of PhDs in Computer Science granted under the supervision of faculties from our Department has increased significantly, especially after the beginning of NOVA LINCS strategic project, in 2015, with an annual average of 10 PhDs graduations.

The success of our doctoral education is grounded in a strong commitment to innovation, research, and technical leadership in Computer Science and Informatics, in coordination with the research activities of the Department’s research center NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS).

Among the theses defended in 2017, ten have been developed in the context of the Doctoral Program in Computer Science and two within the Doctoral Program in Digital Media.

PhD theses in 2017

Ankica Barišiċ | Usability Evaluation of Domain - Specific Languages | Supervised by Vasco Amaral 

Ana Nunes Jorge | Design of Interactive Visualizations of Movies in Space and Time |Supervised by Teresa Chambel  

Carlos Gonçalves | Parallel and Distributed Statistical-based Extraction of Relevant Multiwords from Large Corpora | Supervised by José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha  

Inês Rodolfo | Design Strategy for Integrated Personal Health Records: Improving the user experience of digital healthcare and wellbeing |Supervised by Nuno Correia  

Jorge Costa | Time and Space Efficient Data Structures for Supporting Machine Translation Tasks | Supervised by Gabriel Pereira Lopes  

Kavitha Mahesh | Augmenting Translation Lexica by Learning Generalized Translation Patterns | Supervised by Gabriel Pereira Lopes  

Luís Gomes | Translation Alignment and Extration within a Lexica-Centered Interactive Workflow | Supervised by Gabriel Pereira Lopes  

Luís Manuel Tremoceiro Baptista | Using Restarts in Constraint Programming over Finite Domains - An Experimental Evaluation | Supervised by Francisco Azevedo 

Luís Silva | A Pattern-Based Approach to Scaffold the IT Infrastructure Design Process | Supervised by Miguel Goulão 

Ricardo Silva | Enhancing exploratory analysis across multiple levels of detail of spatiotemporal events | Supervised by João Moura Pires  

Rui Madeira | Model Driven Personalization of Human-Computer Interaction across Ubiquitous Computing Applications | Supervised by Nuno Correia  

Valter Balegas de Sousa | Invariant preservation in geo-replicated data stores | Supervised by Nuno Preguiça